The smell of fresh ambition in the morning

Life will never stop surprising me with its power to squash everything away in its ongoing and relentless pace but can also bring up the most exciting and thrilling opportunities on your path. Those who follow me on Instagram were the first ones to get the news but here it is: I’m going to New […]

Denim mini skirt

Hi Babes, it’s Wednesday and I obviously didn’t post my usual Sunday outfit in here but as you may know if you follow me on Instagram, I spent an extended week-end at my sister’s in Toulon, so I hope you don’t mind if I chose her and the sun over my laptop and pictures! I’m […]

Fall got me like

I always say that I love every season at the time it comes but this year I’m really excited about fall for a reason I haven’t figured out yet. Maybe is it because for the first time I’ll have my boyfriend’s warm arms to welcome me home or maybe is it because of how that […]


The patch trend is raging everywhere and I think it’s time I had my take on it! At first I was not a big fan of those little drawings on teenagers’ pieces (no offense I just bought a denim jacket covered with patches) but after all I think it can suit also to a more […]

Keep it simple

The coolness of the blue jeans + white shirt combo is of public matter since approximately always and doesn’t need to be proved anymore. I myself already posted several outfits featuring this combination but I always intent to twist it a little bit with carefully chosen accessories.


For those who were waiting to see my Nope vest in action, here it is! It used to be a plain denim jacket that I embroidered with pearls to write the word « nope » and I also cut the sleeves to make it a summer piece. You can’t imagine how thrilling this is to have your […]