Polette showroom in Amsterdam

I recently went to Amsterdam with my sister Elodie and took advantage of that trip to stop by Polette showroom and meet the team for the first time « in real life ». Advertisements

Pantone Black

I’ve got to tell you about my new obsession: bodysuits! You can basically find them anywhere now and I regularly buy one as if I was treating myself with a good pastry (except that it doesn’t make me fat!).

Tri Martolod

Bare foot in the sea, that’s how a day should always start. Even though I love and live in Paris, I am a sea child who can’t spend more than a year away from the ocean. As an aquarius I guess it’s in my DNA and I  already know that I wanna spend my old […]

Almost into the wild

Is it just a feeling or the army shirt has become a stapple just like the white one? At least in my closet it’s the case. First of all kaki is one of my favorite colors and I pair it with basically anything just like I would do with black or denim. Second of all […]


I bought that black maxi dress 3 years ago and had never wear it on the blog, not even in real life actually (how weird the “in real life” expression sounds).

Look Back

Backpacks obviously had a come-back this year and you can buy some almost everywhere, yet, it remains difficult to find “adult” models. Most brands took over the backpack trend where it had been left, meaning in its childish and functional state.