Tri Martolod

Bare foot in the sea, that’s how a day should always start. Even though I love and live in Paris, I am a sea child who can’t spend more than a year away from the ocean. As an aquarius I guess it’s in my DNA and I  already know that I wanna spend my old […]


I bought that black maxi dress 3 years ago and had never wear it on the blog, not even in real life actually (how weird the “in real life” expression sounds).

Winter Boho

Taking a look at the last outfits I posted here, I came to the conclusion that Forever 21 obviously became my go-to place to shop lately. For a long time I thought it was only teenage girls’ material but they actually sell some really good basics and follow trends as fast as they go. This […]

Electric Heart

It’s been a week now that the worst happenned in my beloved city and as you can guess I was not in the mood for anything but calling my friends and family. I still can’t (and don’t want to) believe this happenned in Paris, such a vivid place where contrasts,  and diversity are part of the […]


I spent last week-end at my parent’s place in the North-East of France where fresh air and natural landscapes are all around. Even though I belong to Paris more than ever, it’s always pleasant to come back to the place I grew up to reconnect with my roots and enjoy famility time. It was also an […]

Walking on a Line

I recently realized that I have a thing with “maxi-pieces” like this dress and this vest that I’m wearing. They are beyond alluring and eye-catching and I feel like they make me look older. My age is a tricky issue since I’ve always looked younger than I really was which can be a problem when it comes […]