As the saying goes, we always consider the value of what we have when we’re about to lose it. I don’t mean I never realized how Paris is an amazing city but I guess I got used to it overtime. But now that I’m getting things ready for my moving out day and start to […]

Fall got me like

I always say that I love every season at the time it comes but this year I’m really excited about fall for a reason I haven’t figured out yet. Maybe is it because for the first time I’ll have my boyfriend’s warm arms to welcome me home or maybe is it because of how that […]

Sisters taking over Paris

Hello you all! I’m  so glad to be back after the past hectic Fashion Week days with what I’ll call a “Lifestyle post” talking about the lovelyness of a day with my little sister in Paris last week-end. You guys may know now how important Elodie is in my life so I thought it would be a […]