The smell of fresh ambition in the morning

Life will never stop surprising me with its power to squash everything away in its ongoing and relentless pace but can also bring up the most exciting and thrilling opportunities on your path. Those who follow me on Instagram were the first ones to get the news but here it is: I’m going to New […]

Subdued Girl

Happy Spring everyone! Wait, do we wish people this kind of thing?! I guess we can when we live in a country that has been trapped in a shitty weather coma for the past 6 months. I do like France more than any country but I just can’t deal with low temperatures that keep my […]

Little Monster

I’ve been waiting for a long time now before featuring this outstanding bag on my blog but here we are! I got it for the end of my internship at Christian Louboutin as a gift. It’s from a quite old capsule collection and was collecting dust in the reserve (can we say I kind of […]