White jeans in the fall

No matter what the season is, white jeans have always been a tricky point in my mind. Indeed, I’m quite slender yet I am only 1,63m and white jeans can quickly make my legs look like two bolsters. And that’s actually the first thing I thought when I looked at the pictures after the shoot, […]

Autumn Shorts

Don’t tell me you thought that because of the end of Summer I would stop wearing denim shorts? Cause I don’t know any time better than Indian Summer to style that staple. Indeed, since you have to cover your skin a bit more you can put together dramatic and flowy pieces with a bit more […]


The first leaves are starting to fall in Paris and autumn is slowly taking over summer. I won’t complain about that cause I love every season at the time it comes and we’re enjoying a pleasant Indian summer in Paris that allows us to wear light dresses and sandals.


I bought that black maxi dress 3 years ago and had never wear it on the blog, not even in real life actually (how weird the “in real life” expression sounds).

Pop Culture

No, your eyes are not tricking you: there are colors on my blog! Well, obviously not so much in my outfit but I let the background and my accessories do the work. I lately spring-cleaned my closet and thought it would bring some light and clearness in the room, but it turned out that my […]

Closet Insider: Elodie – Elodie In Paris

It seems like I haven’t been doing a closet visit for ages! But I’ve found myself very busy lately and I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my sister. But I’m back on track now and start the Closet Visit season with a prominent parisian blogger, Elodie from the blog Elodie in […]