Look Back

Backpacks obviously had a come-back this year and you can buy some almost everywhere, yet, it remains difficult to find “adult” models. Most brands took over the backpack trend where it had been left, meaning in its childish and functional state. Advertisements

Soft Spikes

Here we are, Sunday evening post again. This has been my steady pace for the past months which was pretty convenient but not enough in my point of view. So get ready fo more since I now have more time to dedicate to my blog and I’ll be working with new photographers which make it […]

Walking on a Line

I recently realized that I have a thing with “maxi-pieces” like this dress and this vest that I’m wearing. They are beyond alluring and eye-catching and I feel like they make me look older. My age is a tricky issue since I’ve always looked younger than I really was which can be a problem when it comes […]