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As the saying goes, we always consider the value of what we have when we’re about to lose it. I don’t mean I never realized how Paris is an amazing city but I guess I got used to it overtime. But now that I’m getting things ready for my moving out day and start to say goodbye to my friends and people who are part of my Parisian circle, it suddenly comes up to my mind that I’ll also leave this sparkling city that welcomed me 5 years ago. Through this post I wanted to wallow in the touristic cliché and enjoy everything Paris has to offer wandering around the iconic Arc de Triomphe and boarding on a site seeing bus. Plus, my Mom was in Paris that day and I loved sharing this part of my life with her!
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The smell of fresh ambition in the morning

Life will never stop surprising me with its power to squash everything away in its ongoing and relentless pace but can also bring up the most exciting and thrilling opportunities on your path. Those who follow me on Instagram were the first ones to get the news but here it is: I’m going to New York!!! Can’t believe what I’m typing right now but this is it.
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Denim mini skirt

Hi Babes, it’s Wednesday and I obviously didn’t post my usual Sunday outfit in here but as you may know if you follow me on Instagram, I spent an extended week-end at my sister’s in Toulon, so I hope you don’t mind if I chose her and the sun over my laptop and pictures! I’m now back in Paris for a few days before leaving for London this weekend and I can really feel the benefits of spending some time under the sun, my mood and motivation are blowed up and I feel how healthy my sister’s lifestyle is.
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Lady lady lady

That’s funny to see how this feminine and joyful outfit is the exact opposite of what I’m wearing right now, understand sweatpants, fluffy socks and oversize t-shirt wrapped in a plaid on my sofa. Sorry for the poor image but you may know that my boyfriend Eliott left for London on Friday and as you can guess I’m sad and not in the mood for any sophisticated outfits. We’re gonna have to experience a long distance relationship this year since he’s going to London, then Shanghai and I’ll also be away for 6 months so if you have ever been in this kind of situation I’d be happy to read advice and  how you went through this hardship. But I won’t complain any further since this challenge is also a great opportunity to visit Eliott in London and discover this city that I barely know! If you’re knowledgeable about the hot spots and must-do/see of  London let me know in the comments!
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Gold steps

How long is this winter season… I’m almost tired of hearing myself complaining about the poor weather  conditions we’re experiencing in Paris and in temperate countries in general. For that reason my dresses collection is collecting dust at the back of my closet alongside summer sandals desperately waiting for warmer temperatures. Anyway, let’s not dwell on our misery (if we can say so lol) and focus on more positive things like these absolutely fabulous gold shoes by the great master Christian Louboutin!
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Lingerie: Paul & Joe x Cosabella

I have taken many good resolutions for this new year including boosting my self confidence (which is not the easiest!), so when Paul & Joe contacted me for their collaboration with the lingerie brand Cosabella I took it as a sign, a challenge I had to take up.
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