How I daily learn English by myself

Bonjour! Or should I say ‘Hello’ since we’re here today to talk about the English language and how to tame it so it doesn’t remain the moment you fear at an interview, that refrains you from applying to jobs abroad or even compromises your vacation plans. In case you guys don’t know what is pretty obvious about me: I’m French, and as a proper French student I got the least efficient English teaching at school which barely allows you to understand the lyrics of any boysband song (No offence One Directions, I love you). But, this is not an excuse to wallow in ignorance and lock your own doors right?
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laparvenue fashion blog paris raphaelle leboeuf new york green dress dumbo brooklynDSC05270
Hello there! It seems like I’m not gonna be able to post more than once a month while I’m here which is a shame since I love sharing full outfits with you and wish I could take better advantage of the New Yorker background but we all have to cope with our hectic lives and so do I.
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My go-to combo

laparvenue fashion blog paris raphaelle leboeuf new york denim skirt louboutinworldDSC08505
There are things in life that never disappoint: Nutella, Ellie Saab collections, holidays sunsets to name a few, and of course the denim + white shirt combo is one of them.
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New Yorker

Hi Babes! I’m so happy to be back on tracks with my blog, I really missed posting even though I remained pretty active on Instagram.
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Paris cliché for the road

laparvenue fashion blog paris raphaelle leboeuf cholat Charlotte Margot Creative-20170319-FY0B7692
Here we are with the last fashion post shot in a Parisian scenery, time flies so fast and I can’t believe that I’ll be in New York in a few days! Everything seams so unreal lately with the moving out, last exams, end of school and my upcoming trip, but even though I’m a little stressed I can’t hide how excited I am.
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Spring in Paris

laparvenue fashion blog paris raphaelle leboeuf christian louboutin primark dress springCharlotte Margot Creative-20170310-FY0B5180
The simple fact of writing the title of this post displays on my face a wide smile! Yes guys it’s official, Spring is finally here and it makes me wanna get my claws into skirts, dresses and open-toe sandals! We already had sunny and warm days in Paris so far but Springs signs remain quite shy for now (and from what I know it’s snowing in New York!) so for this Spring post I indeed got myself into a floral dress but kept my feet warm with these combat boots that I’ve been wearing a lot lately.
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