Winter neutrals

Long time no see right? It’s been barely a year since I last posted on my blog but it feels like a decade to be honest. The reasons why I went MIA are various but mostly gravitate towards a lack of time and interest for writing since I’ve been through a lot emotionally and professionally […]

Skincare Routine

Hi there! You’ve been waiting for it and here it is: my skincare routine! I never thought I’d be posting such an article given I’m definitely not a beauty blogger. It’s only recently that I started to get interested in beauty products and skincare. I think growing up (not to say aging) makes you aware […]


As the saying goes, we always consider the value of what we have when we’re about to lose it. I don’t mean I never realized how Paris is an amazing city but I guess I got used to it overtime. But now that I’m getting things ready for my moving out day and start to […]

Polette showroom in Amsterdam

I recently went to Amsterdam with my sister Elodie and took advantage of that trip to stop by Polette showroom and meet the team for the first time « in real life ».