Winter neutrals

Long time no see right? It’s been barely a year since I last posted on my blog but it feels like a decade to be honest. The reasons why I went MIA are various but mostly gravitate towards a lack of time and interest for writing since I’ve been through a lot emotionally and professionally in 2018. If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I completely change my career path switching from the dull fashion industry to my great florist job. I took intensive classes during the summer and got hired in a flower shop in September. It’s a physically tough job but I’m glad I finally get to do something I like and makes me happy to wake up in the morning.

Raphaelle Leboeuf1
Also, since I’m not bound to Paris fashion sphere anymore and can find a job anywhere, I figured I might as well live somewhere nicer than that big city. I wasn’t born in Paris, quite the contrary actually and I’d rather live closer to nature and the ocean especially. So I’m looking around the south-west corner of France and hope to be able to move there in about a year or less, we’ll see.
In the meantime, I should enjoy what Paris has to offer right? I don’t really appreciate the city anymore but I must admit it does provide killing backgrounds for pictures. That day I went with my friend Mathilde to take a couple shots in a random street and I loved how that warm brown door enhanced the soft hues of my outfit. I guys know I love my neutrals and I hate winter and cold weather, my closer is mainly filled with summer clothes which I can’t wear as often as I’d like. So here I am wearing a suede beige mini dress paired with a white denim jacket and my favorite pair of camel boots. To increase the 60’s vibes I added that white bag I’ve owned for a few years now. How do you like that come back outfit ?
Raphaelle Leboeuf 2

I’ll do my best to post here more often and I actually feel like I’ve been missing it. The format will be that exact one, short but with a nice layout and pictures without too much after effect, we know each other now and we should get passed that don’t you think ?

Take care, bisous.


Zara boots / Ba&Sh dress / La petite Française jacket / Haerfest bag


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