Home Sweet Home

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How good it feels to be home! For the longest time I’ve been picturing in my mind what my apartment would look like once I’m living my own life as a grown up and working woman. Recent events had me move to a new home which I can decorate according to my only tastes and desires and I found so much contentment doing so. I actually have a power-point wishlist (no judgment please lol) in which I put pictures of the things I plan to buy and it turns out it has been all about coffee tables, lamps, frames and tea cups lately rather than the usual shoes, bags and gold earrings of any kind!

For my all my French babes who want to have amazing walls: « Le code « LAPARVENUE » offre une remise de 25% sur des affiches entre 3-5 Avril. Le code n’est pas valable sur les affiches « Handpicked/Collaboration » et cadres. »
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As a Parisian citizen I of course have a quite small apartment but lucky enough to have a well designed one. After a few months now I can tell that it looks almost exactly like what I had in mind but the final touch was definitely the posters and frames on the wall. I actually fell in love with frames while I was in New York where the decoration is a reminiscence of the art deco period featuring gold details everywhere even when it comes to frames. I also like how my home instantly looks more welcoming and cozy thanks to the 2 big Desenio frames above my couch. Also, you guys have been asking for more lifestyle content so here is a quick tour of my apartment decoration in collaboration with Desenio.
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In case you guys would like to purchase the same posters as mine here are the references:
– The woman with a hat illustration: Positano
– The abstract pink/black/white one: Trinity
– The naked woman illustration: Behind
I also highly recomend to check out their endless posters selection sorted in multiple categories like:
Maps and cities

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When I posted this tea cup in my Instagram stories many of you asked where it was from and I actually purchased it at H&M home which always has great items at an affordable price.
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When I visited my parents in the north east of France we went to decoration stores which are beyond affordable like L’incroyable and Action where I got my fake flowers and jars.
I willingly didn’t post too many pictures of my bathroom and make-up/skincare section since I’m also preparing a skincare routine post! I really hope you guys enjoyed this article and pictures, don’t hesitate to ask me if you want more information about anything. Bisous!



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