The denim + white shirt guide

I know what you’re thinking : « Another white shirt and denim outfit », well in facts it is but today I wanted to take a little more time to discuss how versatile and easy this combo is.
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If you’ve been following me for a while you know I will always go for denim in any circumstances and either and black or white top. Now that September and back to school/work are around the corner I thought it would be more interesting for you to feature the white shirt version. I know we are not even half way through August but September is my favorite month of the year and even though I’m not going back to school this year it still keeps me pretty excited (maybe also because I’ll soon be back in France!).

the shirt
From Wall Street business men to the front rows of Paris fashion week, the white shirt is part of the wonderful basics family, meaning you should definitely own one at least. I actually have only two in my closet: the first one is a male shirt stolen to my boyfriend Eliott for an oversized laid back style and this more fitted one which I found interesting for its black lines. Regarding the fit, there aren’t rules depending on the look you’re trying to pull together, however I would advice to never buy a too tight shirt to hug your curves, that’s not the point of a white shirt. Regarding the fabric it has to be thick enough so no one will see your bra or nipples and so the shirt will stay in place all day. In my experience COS is a good brand to shop your white shirt, same goes for fast fashion ones like Mango/H&M if you stick to the advice above.

DSC05434Sans titre-1DSC05415
the denimI actually don’t really know where to start since jeans are some of my favorites pieces in this world. I overtime kinda gave up on skinny jeans to go for a more high waisted regular cut when it comes to blue denim. However I would always make sure mu butt looks nice in any jeans I buy and I noticed the misplaced back pockets with contrasting wash help a lot! I would highly recommend to purchase real denim jeans (those in cotton and a minimum of elastane, jeggings are clearly not an option) that will survive your washing machine for years. I also find that wearing jeans that are cropped a little bit above the ankle tend to be more flattering for your legs, especially when wearing heels. Surprisingly the jeans I get the most compliments about on Instagram and in real life are by H&M so I would recommend to keep an eye on their denim section which retails around 40€ cause you may find good quality styles sometimes. The other brand taking over my denim collection is definitely Subdued which I’ve been collaborating with for a long time now and which never disappoints when it comes to denim. Also ,needless to say that Levi’s and Topshop are good brands to look at.


The really cool thing about wearing denim and a white shirt is acts like a blank page on which you can throw any color/pattern your heart desires (try to avoid matching your shoes and bag though). Here I decided to go for a cute bright red bag and those black mules that I wear every single day at the office! God bless mules by the way, they’re easy to walk in, come in infinite colors combinations and won’t go out of style any soon. A belt will always make you look put together and add style to your outfit. Always go for a good leather one (so worth it overtime) in neutral tones like black or burgundy. Other ideas: captain hat, statement necklace, gold cuffs, colorful high heels, cool slides, straw bag, etc.

I really hope you guys liked the format of this post, don’t hesitate to let me know if you’d like me to work on additional ones about other pieces or trends. Until then I hope to see you on Instagram and leave you with my selection of great jeans and white shirts! Bisous.


Pictures: David

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2 thoughts on “The denim + white shirt guide

  1. I am in love with this look. It is so comfortable and chic, and something I would prefer to wear in my daily life. Thanks Raphaëlle for posting this. You look Gorgeous.

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