New Yorker

Hi Babes! I’m so happy to be back on tracks with my blog, I really missed posting even though I remained pretty active on Instagram.
The thing is that I basically don’t know anybody in New York which makes the adventure even more challenging and my blog posting process complicated as I do need someone to press on the button of my camera to take pictures of me. I however manage to shoot for Instagram thanks to strangers/colleagues’ kindness and my Beloved tripod which travelled with me from Paris! However I seeked for local bloggers and photographers on Instagram and I eventually met David who is an excellent photographer and made this post possible today so don’t hesitate to go check his Instagram page!
To give you quick updates, I’m currently experiencing an internship at Christian Louboutin in the digital communications department which is very demandind but how enriching and exciting at the same time! It’s my very first time in New York and I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to live here for the next six months. There is so much to see, so much to do in here and everything looks like in an American series (Gossip Girl fans you get me). It makes me super happy to share my trip with you every day and read your appreciated comments, thanks again for your support Babes. This great adventure, which isn’t always easy , makes me realize what are the important things in my life like family, love, time off, true friends, hobbies, etc. I feel stronger, more adult and thankful for all I have which I hope will make me a better person every day. I’m gonna end the emotional part right here and send you New Yorker kisses wherever you live until next time Babes! Bisous.


Pictures: David Luo

Zara sandals and vest / Subdued jeans / Bréal top / Galeries Lafayette belt / Nathalie Blanc sunnies / Mango bag



4 thoughts on “New Yorker

  1. bravo ma belle je suis contente pour toi continues comme ça ! C’est sur que les expériences à l’étranger nous font grandir et que c’est enrichissant. gros bisous de chine baby !!!

  2. Coucou de Paris (je n’ai pas bougée) ! Bravo pour ce stage, 6 mois c’est long et rapide à la fois, j’espère de tout coeur que cela va te plaire et t’être bénéfique. Le photographe que tu as rencontrée à fait de superbes photos, tu l’as bien trouvé ahah ;) + superbe tenue comme d’habitude ! Des bisous, emma ♡

    • Hello ma belle! Oui tu as raison, ça me semble long et en même temps cela fait deja 1 mois que je suis là c’est fou! Je te remercie beaucoup pour ton commentaire il me va droit au coeur! Je t’embrasse fort !!

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