The smell of fresh ambition in the morning

Life will never stop surprising me with its power to squash everything away in its ongoing and relentless pace but can also bring up the most exciting and thrilling opportunities on your path. Those who follow me on Instagram were the first ones to get the news but here it is: I’m going to New York!!! Can’t believe what I’m typing right now but this is it.
The context is that I’m currently attending my last year at school and to validate my Master degree in Luxury Marketing I must go through a 6 months internship which I always pictured abroad! I though this dream would remain in its said-dream state so when my amazing parents actually told me they were up to it and gave me the means to do so I decided to fight for it! I sent tons of e-mails including one to the New Yorker press office of Christian Louboutin, I had already experienced 2 internships in the Parisian office which help me a lot. After several Skype interviews they hired me as an intern in the digital communications team! I was the happiest girl on earth when I got their confirmation e-mail and wanted to scream it everywhere but I still had to pass the Visa step which I never though would take so long. I will spare you the details about this 4 months long part and move directly to the day I got back my Passeport with my J-1 Visa in it! (which was this Wednesday). Now I can finally picture myself in this big city that I’ve never been to and start an endless New York to-do list! I already bought a giant suitcase (I mean it,  I can actually fit in the thing), booked my flights, found a flat and bookmarked the nearest Starbucks  Coffee around!
All this gets me so excited and I do realize how lucky I am to have such an opportunity to end my school path and before starting a career. I am also truly excited about sharing some new content with you guys and give a fresh breath to my blog and Instagram. This adventure is also one of the reasons why I’m launching my Youtube channel since I won’t be able to post as often as I used to on my blog since I don’t know any photographer in NY (yet) and I still want to share what I’m doing with you guys so I thought it would be a great alternative. In addition Vlogs are the videos I watch the most on Youtube and it seems to be  the most accurate platform given the adventure I’m gonna live!
This post is all over the place just like my brain actually but I hope you get what I want to say and what are my upcoming plans! Let me know if you have questions or particular request regarding my Youtube channel. Also, if you’ve already been or are living in New York, don’t hesitate to share you’re best spots and I’ll be happy to visit them! Bisous.


Pictures: Charlotte Margot Bergan

Zara sandals / Subdued jeans / Vannina Vesperini top / Jennyfer jacket / Nathalie Blanc sun glasses / Galeries Lafayette belt


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