Denim mini skirt

Hi Babes, it’s Wednesday and I obviously didn’t post my usual Sunday outfit in here but as you may know if you follow me on Instagram, I spent an extended week-end at my sister’s in Toulon, so I hope you don’t mind if I chose her and the sun over my laptop and pictures! I’m now back in Paris for a few days before leaving for London this weekend and I can really feel the benefits of spending some time under the sun, my mood and motivation are blowed up and I feel how healthy my sister’s lifestyle is.
I used to go in the south of France on summer holidays with my parents when I was younger so coming back there felt like holidays again and I have to say this came just on time since I’m kind of overwhelmed with everything I have to deal with lately. Toulon is such a beautiful city with welcoming people, delicious tapenade, amazing landscapes and tons of colorful façades, my Instagram is gonna miss these orange-pink toned pictures now.
Temperatures were so high (for a February) that I even got to wear skirts and dresses like the one I’m wearing just here. Mini denim skirts can often give a tacky effect to the outfit but they’re having a strong come back this year so this is my take on the piece. My first advice on how to wear a mini denim skirt is to don’t pair it with sky-high heels, the piece is already very sexy in itself so any kitten-heel sandals or combat boots will do depending on the twist you’re looking for. Same goes for the top, I wouldn’t go for something too sexy (crazy clivage and cropped top are prohibited unless you’re partying in Ibiza!), I’m not telling you should hide yourself in a rollneck jumper either (but that’s an option), here for example I was wearing a completely transparent bodysuit that I spiced down thanks to a suede jacket over it to keep private what needed to be so.
I recently asked you in my Insta Story if you’d like me to start a Youtube channel to share some more content via videos and I wanted to sincerely thank you since I got great feedbacks! Editing videos is something I used to do when I was in high school with videos of my friends and family and I love this different way of sharing moments and emotions so I’m really excited to start this new challenge! Regarding the type of videos I was thinking of Vlogs when I travel or spend a typical blogger day (school is the same for everyone trust me) but also style videos about how I style a piece, a trend or even a color (black? lol). I hope you liked this post and let me know if you have particular expectations regarding my upcoming Youtube channel! Bisous.


Pictures: Charlotte Margot Bergan

Jennyfer boots / Subdued skirt / Cosabella bodysuit / Zara jacket / Galeries Lafayette belt / Christian Louboutin bag / Nathalie Blanc sunnies


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