Lady lady lady

That’s funny to see how this feminine and joyful outfit is the exact opposite of what I’m wearing right now, understand sweatpants, fluffy socks and oversize t-shirt wrapped in a plaid on my sofa. Sorry for the poor image but you may know that my boyfriend Eliott left for London on Friday and as you can guess I’m sad and not in the mood for any sophisticated outfits. We’re gonna have to experience a long distance relationship this year since he’s going to London, then Shanghai and I’ll also be away for 6 months so if you have ever been in this kind of situation I’d be happy to read advice and  how you went through this hardship. But I won’t complain any further since this challenge is also a great opportunity to visit Eliott in London and discover this city that I barely know! If you’re knowledgeable about the hot spots and must-do/see of  London let me know in the comments!
Back to the outfit, I was wearing this wonderful flowy silk printed dress by Laurence Bras which was so pleasant to shoot in the wind giving it a dramatic look. I obviously couldn’t wear that dress with flats so I went for plain black sandals and focused on my face to give the tone with sunglasses and a ponytail. 99% of the time I leave my hair free and don’t tie them so often but I loved the classy and wise effect of this hair style to complement the outfit. See you next time Babes! Bisous.


Pictures: Swann

Zara shoes / Laurence Bras dress / Christian Louboutin bag / Nathalie Blanc sunnies


5 thoughts on “Lady lady lady

  1. Je réponds en Français, j’espère que tu ne m’en voudras pas trop :)
    Je découvre ton blog aujourd’hui et je ne comprends pas pourquoi je ne suis pas tombée dessus plus tôt, je suis fan et cette tenue est canon ;)
    À bientôt Raphaëlle

  2. Tenue superbe et qui vous va à ravir !
    Il me faut absolument cette robe ;-)
    Dites-moi c’est une robe de la nouvelle collection PE, n’est-ce pas ? Je ne la trouve encore nulle part…

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