Gold steps

How long is this winter season… I’m almost tired of hearing myself complaining about the poor weather  conditions we’re experiencing in Paris and in temperate countries in general. For that reason my dresses collection is collecting dust at the back of my closet alongside summer sandals desperately waiting for warmer temperatures. Anyway, let’s not dwell on our misery (if we can say so lol) and focus on more positive things like these absolutely fabulous gold shoes by the great master Christian Louboutin!
I’m often asked on Instagram how I do to own so many pairs of Loubies, I (unfortunately) am not a billionaire but as I explained once in my Insta story, the thing is that as a blogger I can borrow pieces from various showrooms I work with including Christian Louboutin’s one. So as a result I own pairs and bags for a few weeks, shoot them through outfits and then return them to the showroom to borrow new ones and so on and so forth. I can understand people find this technique controversial but that’s how magazines work things out so why not bloggers? In addition I’m fully convinced that style doesn’t depend on what you can buy but rather on how you style things together wether they’re by a luxury designer or a fast fashion brand. Borrowing pieces to me is kinda the same thing as stealing a jacket in your Mom’s/sister’s closet (don’t deny I know you did!), it’s all about giving more leeway to your sartorial creativity. My goal has never been to showcase what I own but sharing beautiful things and fashion inspiration, and this loan system is an awesome tool.
As far the rest of the outfit I jumped in my current favorite pair of jeans by H&M with the interesting juncture at the bottom that you see everywhere lately, and an off-white jumper by Kujten. I do literally live in Jeans and every time I’m shopping I can’t help picturing every piece I find with a good pair of jeans. I’m starting to get things ready for my abroad experience this year (still can’t tell you the destination since I don’t have my Visa yet) and I’m slowly realizing that half of my suitcase will be filled with jeans *face palm*. Anyway, I’ll tell you more about all these exciting upcoming things asap I promise and see you on Instagram in the meantime! Bisous.


Pictures: Swann

Nathalie Blanc sunnies / Kujten jumper / H&M jeans / Christian Louboutin sandals


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