Mid-season start

As I told you in my last post, I’m slowly transitioning to mid-season outfits. Winter is far from being over but I reached my limit of warm looks and I think it’s important to share with you what are going to be my major trends for the upcoming months so you can hopefully get some inspiration.
As you can guess I was kind of cold while taking the pictures but it was on one of the warmest day we had for months so I won’t complain since at the moment I’m writing this it’s about 1°C outside! Can you see the peek a boo lace detail under my suede jacket? I feel really into lingerie and sexy night wear to wear during the day lately. By the way, I’m preparing something special for next week’s post with my first lingerie shooting ever! Regarding the other pieces of the outfit I tried to match my hat and this crazy tiny bag which despite its countless details and various materials remains cute and wearable. I also wanted to pair this beautiful camel kimono with the deep blue tone of my jeans, I love this color combo so much! To finish the look I put on discreet black sandals just to give me a little height and elongate my legs, I’d never wear skinny jeans with flat shoes which is the least flattering thing! I hope you guys liked this first mid-season look and see you next Sunday. Bisous.


Pictures: Swann

Zara sandals / Jennyfer jeans / Vannina Vesperini top / IKKS jacket / Christian Louboutin bag / Asos hat


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