Funky Squirrel

No, my coat is of course not made out of squirrels! I prefer saying this before any anti-fur activist starts to blow up saying I’m the worst person in the world. I do wear fur and I won’t lie about that since being honest with you is in my top 5 priorities regarding my blogging activity.
So yeah I wear fur cause I love that and find it both beautiful and warm but it doesn’t mean I despise animals, quite the contrary actually (ask my friends how annoying I am every single time we come across a dog or any four-footed creature and I can’t avoid melting lol). The thing is that I eat all kinds of meats (including rabbit and horse which are not endangered species so far) so why not wearing their fur? Regarding foxes and raccoons we indeed don’t eat them but since their natural predators are not numerous anymore, their population grows exponentially and humans have to kill them in order to regulate their amount otherwise they’d damage the environment. As far as the exotic skins like ostrich, python and alligator the traceability is highly controlled thanks to CITES certificates and those animals are bred in the best conditions to preserve their skin (understand private space, qualitative food, etc. Trust me I’d like to reincarnate in a Hermès alligator!).
I can understand that fur is not everyone’s taste for multiple reasons but I just don’t tolerate the immoderate reactions of some silly (and mainly uninformed) people on my Instagram every time I post a picture of me wearing fur. Those overreacting comments often make me laugh and I wanted to thank you for your support when you defend me with sweet comments!
That said, let’s move on to the outfit itself: I put on those sandals to echo the colors of the coat and paired it with a black combo to enhance the masterpiece. Open toe shoes are probably not the most accurate pieces when you look at the weather but I just can’t stand winter anymore (and it’s been only one month…), but as you know I’m not a huge fan of coats and generally covering clothes, I’m more a throw-on-a-light-dress-and-go type of person. This year winter is so strong in Paris that we’ve reached the point where comfort overcame style which is so depressing! When I dress in the morning I basically grab the first pair of jeans and layer jumpers on tops until I look like an onion! This can’t last any longer and I’ve had my dose of winter outfits so from now I’ll post some mid-season looks (even though if implies to be freezing while shooting outdoors) so you can pick inspirations and get ready for better temperatures to come! Bisous.


Pictures: Perrine

Mango sandals / Subdued jeans and jumper / Ba&sh coat


3 thoughts on “Funky Squirrel

  1. Haaa trop beau ton manteau !!! J’avoue tu me donnes un peu froid aux orteils avec ces sandales, mais le look est canon, les 2 pièces s’associent à merveille !!!! Ras le bol de l’hiver également pour ma part mais je suis bien trop frileuse pour ne pas porter 6 pulls en permanence, haha ! Des bisous ma belle <3

  2. Your fur coat is looking nice. I always feel crazy to wear fur accessories. Every year I am ordering fur accessories from my favourite fur store Amifur. It provides quality products.

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