Jump in 2017

Let’s start this new year together Babes, and what a year ahead of us! Major challenges, new countries and  complete changes are on the menue.
As you may know I recently went through health issues mainly due to a weak immune system and a kind of mental burn out. So let’s scratch this all and give my lifestyle a complete makeover! We all need to take time to smell the roses as we say, which basically means to live in the moment and stop worrying about what may or may not happen in the future. I’ve always been a hyperactive person but in such a way that my body and brain couldn’t take it anymore, so I really need to learn how to do nothing without feeling guilty or under pressure. Breathing exercices, meditation and yoga will be part of my daily routine just like brushing my teeth. From now on, I’ll take things with more distance and relativity and trust myself more, take every day as a fresh start to accomplish beautiful things to reach my goal. These statements may seem pretty simple and obvious for some of you but we often tend to forget them and get lost along the path of our lives so a little reminder will not hurt (plus, I think I have more chances to stick to those resolutions since they’re written here).
My other resolutions are the  following: eating healthier to feel stronger every day, improving my Instagram feed, reaching 10k followers and keeping in touch with the people I love no matter the distance. Cause yes, it’s gonna be about distance this year since I’ll be spending 6 months in a foreign country for the final internship of my studies (postgraduate studies went so fast!). That’s crazy to think that I’ll be done with school in 3 months, will leave for 6 months and then come back to find a job and jump into a genuine adult life. All this gives me shivers but I try to keep calm and take one challenge at a time (huge endeavor for me I swear!). I’m still waiting for my Visa confirmation so I won’t unveil the destination for now but I’m sure some of you already guessed where I’m taking off to. everything seems pretty unreal and intimidating but I’m thankful for being surrounded by so many positive and supportive people like my parents, brother, sister, friends and you all Babes! I can’t wait to spend another year with you and share the best I can about the exciting adventures to come! Bisous.


Pictures: Perrine

Christian Louboutin shoes / Jennyfer jeans / Kujten jumper / Asos coat / Nathalie Blanc sunnies


2 thoughts on “Jump in 2017

  1. Tu vas mieux aujourd’hui après la période des fêtes? J’espère de tout cœur que tu vas trouver un équilibre et te donner du temps pour toi.
    Et quant à la vie “d’adulte” qui arrive à grand pas, c’est normal que tu ressentes quelques appréhensions. C’est un gros changement mais tu vas gérer :). D’autant que tu es bien entourée comme tu l’écris ci-dessus.
    Tu vas tout réussir! Moi, je crois en toi.

    Plein de courage et de force pour cette nouvelle et belle année. <3

    • Coucou ma jolie,
      Ma santé va mieux dans l’ensemble même s’il me reste quelques petites choses à régler, merci de t’en inquiéter :) Tu es adorable merci pour ton gentil commentaire qui motive! Je te souhaite également le meilleur pour cette nouvelle année <3 Plein de bisous xx

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