BIG UP TO 2016

Hey Babes, I hope you’re doing well (why do I start my post with a Youtuber intro?..) anyway, it’s finally that time of the year when you take a look back at another 365 days. This year was intense and full of changes on both personal and professional sides: First, right after I moved in with my sister Elodie in January, Eliott and I got together as a couple which was not the easiest thing to handle when you promised your little sister you’d live as two single gals in Paris, but life is unpredictable and proved once more that you can never control everything, only adapt to anything.
Since then, Elodie had a complete change of career aspiration and decided to move to the French Riviera to become a sports coach (go follow her on Instagram if you’re interested in healthy lifestyle and tips), and that’s how Eliott and I moved in together after great summer holidays in Nice that you may have followed on Instagram and the blog. Everything is doing great for us and we thank you once more for the support and lovely comments on instagram pictures, you guys are the best! We’re celebrating our first Christmas together and I’m thrilled by the idea! I’ve been through some medical issues lately but an doing better now and ready to start 2017 in the best way possible!
Regarding the blog I’m so happy to see that you’re getting more and more numerous to be part of my followers community, sharing ideas, opinions and good vibes every day so thank you for that! I also found  a posting pace that matches my lifestyle and plan to keep on being active on my blog, Instagram and Instagram stories (I consider the stories function of Instagram as a platform in itself since it emulates more than perfectly Snapchat’s features). 2017 is going to be an even more hectic and intense year, big news are coming and I’ll tell you about all this in my next post alongside with resolutions, etc.
Christmas holidays just started and I guess you’ll be as busy as I’ll be and will have other things to do but looking at my blog so I hope you won’t get mad if this post is the last one of the year, right? 
I’m not a big fan of  Christmas/NYE outfits inspirations, but still wanted to share a look in those vibes so here we are with a great deal of glitter and fluffiness! I completely fell in love with this transparent top which reminds me of the 90’s and is definitely Pinterest material when paired with a dramatic white coat! Since I didn’t want to wallow in « too-much » either I put on a good pair of white sneakers saying « yeah, I can walk randomly in the street dressed like that ».
I hope you Babes liked the outfit and this year spent together, I wish you a magical Christmas and a stunning New Year! Bisous.


Pictures: Perrine

Jennyfer sneakers / Subdues jeans and top / Paul & Joe coat


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