Winter issue

It’s that time of the year again. I wake up in the morning and stare at my closet for what seems to be a decade wondering how I’m gonna dress for the day. A quick check on the Iphone’s weather app: temperatures won’t go upper than 7 degrees in the afternoon. At that moment my hope for a nice dress fades away as for sleeveless jackets and tops. I then try to picture possible layering combinations but quickly give up on this idea owing to my lack of skills on that field. It starts to be late and I haven’t showered yet, I grab the first black cardigan/jumper and a pair of jeans which I hope will give me an effortless Parisian style, trust me it never does.
The truth is that I don’t know how to dress for winter… I’ve got the feeling the pieces I own don’t match and I hate big coats that ruin every silhouette you can achieve. So I tend to dress driven by the only purpose of keeping me warm and comfortable which is beyond depressing when you love fashion. I realized I end up creating some go-to uniforms that kind of work for any occasion and have that little twist claiming that style is not dead, only hibernating. Today’s outfit is one of them, very casual and easygoing but still alluring. The mom jeans and chunky boots are balanced by a bodycon rollneck top that enhances your narrow shoulders and chest. I also love the effect of a thrown on oversize coat to give more texture and motion when you walk (I mean, we have to wear coats after all so let’s give them a nod of sympathy for once). To set the final tone to the outfit, I put my e-polette glasses on which gold frame make me look like a 70’s nerd. In addition (which is not to complain about) they allow me to spend much more time in front of a screen thanks to their blue-tinted glasses. I hope you liked this outfit and see you next week! Bisous.


Pictures: Swann

Asos boots / Subdued jeans / Bréal top and coat / Polette glasses


4 thoughts on “Winter issue

  1. I like like this outfit, simple but so fashionable :). You got a 70s or 90s vibes with this look :). I really like your coat and your pictures are really great :)

    Noémie xx

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