White jeans in the fall

No matter what the season is, white jeans have always been a tricky point in my mind. Indeed, I’m quite slender yet I am only 1,63m and white jeans can quickly make my legs look like two bolsters. And that’s actually the first thing I thought when I looked at the pictures after the shoot, but the truth is that white enhances volumes and catches the light so of course my legs didn’t look like usual. This immediate negative reaction I had towards my self-image reminded me of how ruthless we are with ourselves. I can’t deny, I’m careful regarding what I eat, workout every day and spend hours on Pinterest but I also think that we should be more lenient and forgiving  with ourselves and prevent comparing how we look with women whose job is to be beautiful. So I had a second more compassionate look on the pictures and said to myself « well, that’s not so bad and I’m ok with what I see».
I lately I had the pleasure to meet some of my followers who recognized me at parties (I felt a bit like Beyoncé for a second lol) and it’s a real pleasure to have your support and feedbacks about my blogging activity. It was the occasion to know more about how you perceive my style and it seems like I’m featuring something simple, elegant with unexpected funky touches. I also got some direct messages on Instagram telling me I should keep on my work posting on both Instagram and my blog. You can’t imagine how thrilling it is to hear such things, it’s now always easy to run a blog, especially when it’s not your full time job, you can easily be tempted to give up but your frequent kind messages are the best rewards I can get so be sure I’ll keep posting! Bisous.


Pictures: Swann

Christian Louboutin shoes / Mango jeans / Kujten jumper / Laurence Bras bag


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