You may have noticed that my posting pace was kind of messy lately, for the only reason that I shot many looks on a week of September and then realized that I had so many I couldn’t stick to my once a week posting policy otherwise you’d see light jackets and skirts in the middle of December. Now that I regulated my looks stock I think I’ll be posting an outfit every Sunday on my blog so you know exactly when to stop by :) 
In addition I’ll be much more active on Instagram now since I’ve got to adapt to our world’s changes. Indeed, social media are gaining more and more strength to the detriment of blog platforms. It doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop my blog anytime soon but I’ll dedicate more of my time and personal investment to Instagram. This social network matches my conception of what an influencer is since I can share unique content everyday in a more spontaneous way than I can do on my blog and I love interacting with you guys!
I’m not the kind of blogger who posts only pictures with tons of after effect, you know how I care about being honest with my followers so I mainly take pictures with my phone and record videos of me speaking English with a funny French accent in my stories. Don’t hesitate to follow me on Instagram if it’s not the case already and let me know what you think of my feed! Bisous.


Pictures: Swann

Christian Louboutin bag / Forever 21 dress / Jennyfer jacket / Asos boots


3 thoughts on “Theatre

  1. Hey ! J’adore ce total look noir ! Je viens de découvrir ton instagram (le mien @em.bns) et wow tu fais du skate, trop contente qu’on partage un petit truc j’adore en faire ahah ! Bisouuuus (ton feed est à tomber)

    • Hello Emma,
      Je suis ravie que le look te plaise! Oui je fais du skate (quand il fait beau, c’est à dire pas autant que je le voudrais), c’est très sympa de savoir que d’autres filles sont aussi sur roulettes ;)
      Merci pour ton compliment sur mon feed, je vais de ce pas voir le tiens ! xx

      • C’est la même pour le skate! Mauvais temps à Paris! D’accord n’hésites pas à me donner ton avis sous les photos! ;)

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