Rollneck season is back and I welcome it with pleasure! There is something downright elegant and clean about that piece which compliments cute shoulders/arms and drives full light to your face. Rollneck tops had merely dipped a toe into the water last year but is now ready to dive into the fashion pool so be prepared to see them everywhere (which is not a bad thing on a medical side either!).

To offset the possible « wise girl » effect of my jumper I decided to take it in a glittery fabric and incorporate it into a grungy outfit with my mini skirt and spiky boots. I’m still not wearing tights of course, I mean as long as temperatures stay above 10°C you’ll see me walking around with my bare legs and telling my friends a dozen times a day that I’m not cold since I probably wear more skirts and dresses in wintertime than in the summertime. To accessorize the look I put on those great black boots with a spiky front that looks like I kicked the ass of a Disney snow queen and that silver bag with the Paris map pattern I was wearing in my couple outfits shooting a few weeks ago. The silver/glitter touches clearly elevate the outfit and give it a festive twist so you could totally wear a similar one to go out at the restaurant and for a drink with friends or a date (maybe switch shoes for something softer, the guy might be scared by the spiky part lol). Bisous.


Pictures: Eliott Collin

Christian Louboutin boots and bag / & Other Stories skirt / Sud Express jumper


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