Bowie is not dead

When it’s grey outside put on rainbow boots, life is as simple as that! I basically love everything about those shoes from design, to colors and also the fact that they’re truly easy to walk in, not kidding. When I went back home with those the first time I tried to compose outfits in my closet but I couldn’t find anything that would compliment their craziness, until I dare to pair it with another misfit of my wardrobe: a gold lurex shirt! For once, no one will say that I’m always wearing staples wallowed in my comfort zone!
The moment I put everything together was like magic, every piece was echoing the other to turn me into a David Bowie cowgirl! The light in the location we picked that day was blissfully enhancing the iridescent hues of my shirt as if it was liquid. Maybe was it because I got carried away by the fashion week vibes in Paris at that moment but I love going crazy with an outfit sometimes, as a matter of fact it kind of legitimates any other sartorial folly you can dare, as if you were « allowed » to wear pieces in a certain way cause people would know it’s made on purpose. I mean, you would find it unexpected if a one of your friends who dresses casually all the time came up one day in a typical Anna Dello Russo attire! While if you incorporate more sophisticated pieces on a longer period of time, people (including you) witness the change and see that you’re well aware of what you’re doing in your outfits composition. I’m not saying that you should care about what people may say, but you’ll feel way more comfortable and confident doing so. I hope you like that look that we had so much fun shooting and see you on Instagram until next time! Bisous.


Pictures: Swann

Christian Louboutin boots / Mango skirt / Laurence Bras shirt


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