Fall got me like

I always say that I love every season at the time it comes but this year I’m really excited about fall for a reason I haven’t figured out yet. Maybe is it because for the first time I’ll have my boyfriend’s warm arms to welcome me home or maybe is it because of how that season shakes up the fashion sphere and pave the way for new beginnings.
It seams to me that people tend to make a bit more efforts to look elegant as in a 50’s old movie with subdued light and brown leaves on the pavements. 
Paris is good looking all year long but fall’s warmer shades suit it so well and made me wanna adjust my attire! So here I am, wrapped in a marvelous silk dress featuring that bold rusty color. I had never owned such a piece before and as you can guess the color was standing out in my black-kaki-denim-grey-white closet and I have to say I’m proud of myself on that one. I would have normally never worn such a piece but it turns out I’m loving peachy/pink/orange colors more and more overtime and I like their visual effect on my Instagram feed so I foresee a not so distant future in which my closet welcomes new pieces!
To offset the lady-like shape of the dress I paired it with black chunky sandals and a casual fringed bag to keep my hands busy. I seamlessly come up here with a real blogger issue: What to do with your hands while shooting? Sometimes I feel like my outfit doesn’t need a bag (or maybe I don’t own the right bag that would complement the attire) and decide to shoot it anyway. However, that accessory absence can be a problem while shooting since you have nothing to cling to and will potentially look like a poor sloth with your arms hanging on each side of your body. But here are my tips when you get into that situation (you might not have a blog I bet you take outfit pictures for Instagram right?): Use the structure of your outfit by grabbing the hems of your jacket, tucking your hand in a pocket, playing with your hat/sunglasses/hair or even taking a random item in your hands like a magazine (a fashion one is a must), a Starbucks cup, etc. You’ll thank me later ;) Bisous.


Pictures: Swann

Zara sandals / Valérie Khalfon dress / Christian Louboutin bag


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