Silk Choker

You cannot have missed the choker trend raging everywhere lately. That necklace came back straight from the 90’s reminds me a lot of my childhood and allows me (for once) to say “Ho my god, people are wearing this again?” with that superior look saying you’ve lived long enough to witness a fashion cycle.
You may also have noticed a bunch of bandanas here and there scrolling on Instagram which is another big trend coming back. So when I found that silk bandana in my Grandma’s closet the other day, I thought “why not combining two trends in one thanks to that scarf?” and that’s how you see me today with that big silk choker on the blog. I love the elegant touch it gives to the pretty simple outfit and like to think it is a little bit of Grace Kelly (yeah, I’ve gone too far). Another cool thing is that it matches perfectly the paintings in the background! For the rest of the outfit I wanted to stay true to myself with a pair of blue jeans, my black bodysuit to create clean lines, a cute pair of work-in-any-occasion sandals and that beautiful peachy bag to finish the look. I don’t mind walking outdoor with no jacket for the moment but in case you’d like to replicate the style in a warmer way, a leather jacket or a body-huging long sleeves top are good options. Bisous.


Pictures: Swann

Zara sandals, jeans, bodysuit / Vintage silk bandana / Christian Louboutin bag


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