Autumn Shorts

Don’t tell me you thought that because of the end of Summer I would stop wearing denim shorts? Cause I don’t know any time better than Indian Summer to style that staple. Indeed, since you have to cover your skin a bit more you can put together dramatic and flowy pieces with a bit more of structure which make you look surprisingly sophisticated.
The thing is to stay away from any type of beachy sandals or too exposing top which is why I went for that 70’s long sleeves blouse and a pair of ankle boots. Shorts must also be chosen carefully so exit the body hugging or too bleached ones and go for something slightly oversize and in raw denim. By the way I have to tell you the story of that particular pair of short: I went to Amsterdam a few weeks, when I arrived in my room and unpacked my suitcase I realized I only had taken tops with me but no bottoms at all! So instead of relaxing in a bar for our first evening in Amsterdam, my sister and I headed to the closest Zara in town to buy me the very last pair of short of the store so the choice quick! You guys know I’m not sensitive to cold so I’ll probably be wearing shorts for a few more weeks before switching to dresses and skirts. Bisous.


Pictures: Eliott Collin

Asos boots and hat / Zara shorts / Jennyfer blouse / Christian Louboutin bag


8 thoughts on “Autumn Shorts

    • Coucou! Je suis ravie que ça te plaise, oui je viens de m’inscrire sur le site !
      Merci beaucoup pour ton retour, ça fait plaisir d’avoir l’avis de mes followers :D
      A très vite, xx

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