Paris Couple

Yes, we did it, after all the pictures we’ve been posting on social media, the couple shooting is finally online! At this occasion I wanted to thank you all for the sweet and supportive messages you always write about us when I post a picture on Instagram, it means the world to us!
laparvenue-fashion-blog-paris-raphaelle-leboeuf-eliott-collin-couple-outfit-christian-louboutin-plan-de-paris9laparvenue-fashion-blog-paris-raphaelle-leboeuf-eliott-collin-couple-outfit-christian-louboutin-plan-de-paris18laparvenue-fashion-blog-paris-raphaelle-leboeuf-eliott-collin-couple-outfit-christian-louboutin-plan-de-paris12laparvenue-fashion-blog-paris-raphaelle-leboeuf-eliott-collin-couple-outfit-christian-louboutin-plan-de-paris16laparvenue-fashion-blog-paris-raphaelle-leboeuf-eliott-collin-couple-outfit-christian-louboutin-plan-de-paris7laparvenue-fashion-blog-paris-raphaelle-leboeuf-eliott-collin-couple-outfit-christian-louboutin-plan-de-paris17When we got together, the first reactions around us at school were mainly disdainful and full of negative energies. But you Babes managed to take over those hatters and surround us with shared joy and kindness since then. Now that Eliott and I moved in together, I thought it was time to make that shooting. Luckily, Eliott is quite comfortable with pictures since he turned into a great Instagramer over the past few months and who else but my friend Swann could have been our photographer?
Of course we tried to wear matching outfits but I didn’t want it to look too cheesy and cute so we both respected our own style and tried to create at bit of an harmony to don’t hurt your eyes! So I was wearing my favorite pair of Mom jeans to spice down the silk lingerie top which I’m totally obsessed with and put on low heel sandals. As far Eliott, he was more into preppy vibes with a neutral tones combination to contrast with his outstanding sneakers. Cause this shooting is also the occasion for us to feature the most Parisian capsule collection of the season by Christian Louboutin. If you pay attention to the print of his sneakers and my silver bag you’ll notice that they’re the same: a vintage plan of Paris, found by Monsieur Louboutin himself during one of his art quests. It’s so cool to look at the plan and try to recognize the streets we walk in every day, and who knows? maybe it could take over the GPS when my phone runs out of battery (meaning every day!).
When I look at those pictures I can only see the joy popping out, we had so much fun shooting together even though it was something new for me. Let me know if you liked that type of post so I can shoot with Eliott sometimes! Bisous.


Pictures: Swann

Zara sandals / Subdued jeans / Vannina Vesperini top / Christian Louboutin bag
Christian Louboutin sneakers and clutch / Paul Smith trousers and jacket / Les Ateliers NA shirt / Hugo Boss handkerchief


6 thoughts on “Paris Couple

  1. Ce qui compte avant tout, c’est que vous soyez heureux! Et ça a l’air d’être le cas. Il y aura toujours des mauvaises langues mais je suis convaincue que vous êtes plus forts que ça.
    Vous êtes magnifiques ensembles (et séparés aussi I guess). Je suis contente que tu aies trouvé chaussure à ton pied – du moins je l’espère.
    Les shooting a deux varient le contenu et c’est d’autant plus riche.
    Plein de bonnes ondes.



    • Merci beaucoup Manu pour ce joli commentaire, je l’ai lu à Eliott et ça nous va droit au coeur <3
      Ta bienveillance est très appréciable et je suis ravie que tu partages tes bonnes ondes avec nous! On t'embrasse!
      Raphaëlle & Eliott

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