Polette showroom in Amsterdam

I recently went to Amsterdam with my sister Elodie and took advantage of that trip to stop by Polette showroom and meet the team for the first time « in real life ».
As you may know if you visit my blog on a regular basis, I’ve been working with Polette (designer eyewear e-tailer at affordable prices) for more than a year now and constantly wear their glasses and sunglasses in my looks making me kind of an ambassador (love the idea!) as you can see here:

One of the most important rule I respect regarding my blogging activity is to be honest with you guys cause you are part of this adventure and I would never promote a brand which doesn’t match my mindset and style. That’s why I’m always so happy to share tips and qualitative content when I talk about a brand/product and Polette is definitely one of them (by the way, I haven’t been paid for that post, otherwise I would have done more shopping in Amsterdam! lol).
When we arrived in Amsterdam I immediately e-mailed Pauline (Polette’s community manager) to set up an appointment and that’s how we met, accompanied by my sister and her intern Deborah around a coffee. We talked a lot about our long-time collaboration and how we grew in our own way and I even got interviewed for a post on their website.
Then we headed to Polette’s connected-showroom which is a spacious place in an industrial style bathed with light. I say « showroom » because that’s actually the concept of that place which is far from a regular store: All their models are featured according to their style, materials, which represents about 1000 pairs! You can come and try everything you want, get free eye measurements, get advice from opticians, personalize the color of your lenses and order directly online thanks to innovative QR codes. Everything is intended to be easy, fast and fun! And I had much fun in this showroom, trying the craziest spectacle frames and I even spotted my next pair which will be the Dean View in gold so stay tuned to see how I’ll style them on the blog! 
This visit was such a great time, I felt so fortunate to discover that place escorted by the sweetest team ever and will keep following their success story in which I’m happy to take a little part! Bisous.


If you’ve been seduced by Polette’s concept as I am, note that you can get a 15% discount on their website until September 24th with the code: laparvenue
You can also follow them on Instagram at @lusinealunettes and @poletteeyewear


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