Tell me about Vivienne

laparvenue fashion blog paris raphaelle leboeuf8The annoying and relentless rainy episode that is striking Paris lately compells us to seek for new shooting locations and thanks god this city offers plenty of passages and galeries. Galerie Vivienne is one of my favorite due to its lovely shops, colorful floor and the fact that it’s bathened with light no matter what the weather is outside. If one day you’re hanging around the 1st arrondissement I warmly recommend you to stop by walk through this place.

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I was meeting some “Instagram friends” (so weird to say it this way but that’s actually how we got to know each others at first) who were in Paris for a few days. They’re really knowledgeable about photography and videos so we enjoyed this time to film a short one with their brand new camera acquisition. Since I started my blog I’m much more comfortable with pictures and love those taken by Arnaud but being filmed was something new for me and I guess you can tell from my face on the videos that it was a first! That afternoon we spent together is what I love the most about my blogging adventure: meetingtalented people and create fun stuff together. Thanks again guys and see you soon! Bisous.


Pictures: Arnaud
Video : Arthus
Their Youtube channel

Mexx bomber jacket / H&M shirt / Zara jeans / Christian Louboutin shoes


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