Soft Spikes

Here we are, Sunday evening post again. This has been my steady pace for the past months which was pretty convenient but not enough in my point of view. So get ready fo more since I now have more time to dedicate to my blog and I’ll be working with new photographers which make it […]

We could be Heroes

2016 barely started for a months and it seems like I’ve done more in three weeks than in a year when I look at the scribbled pages of my diary. I’m having pretty hectic time these days and won’t complain about that. It’s good to go through changes in our lives reevaluating what we have […]

Winter Boho

Taking a look at the last outfits I posted here, I came to the conclusion that Forever 21 obviously became my go-to place to shop lately. For a long time I thought it was only teenage girls’ material but they actually sell some really good basics and follow trends as fast as they go. This […]

It’s in the air

I sincerly wish you all a super-over-happy New Year Babes! I hope it’s gonna bring you everything you want and work for! 2015 has been beyond enriching for me and before embracing this new year I wanted to take a step back to overview what happened and what we achieved. Cause yes, it’s not only […]