La Boudeuse

Hey babes! Once again I’m wearing black, but what can I say? I actually don’t see what’s the problem with that. I mean, sometimes people around me kind of blame me for not featuring enough colors but the truth is: I don’t care at all. Moreover, I prefer being honest with you guys and post […]

Walking on a Line

I recently realized that I have a thing with “maxi-pieces” like this dress and this vest that I’m wearing. They are beyond alluring and eye-catching and I feel like they make me look older. My age is a tricky issue since I’ve always looked younger than I really was which can be a problem when it comes […]

White Collar

Yes, denim dress again, so what? I’m boundless when it comes to things I like (tell my dancing teacher about it!) and I wanted to add a sleek touch with this bright white shirt that highlights my face and balances the vibrancy of my glitter boots.

Sisters taking over Paris

Hello you all! I’m  so glad to be back after the past hectic Fashion Week days with what I’ll call a “Lifestyle post” talking about the lovelyness of a day with my little sister in Paris last week-end. You guys may know now how important Elodie is in my life so I thought it would be a […]


How cliché is this top?! I know that’s typically what kiddos or tourists would wear but I bought it for its cut (cropped with long sleeves is a combo I find interesting) and also because Los Angeles is a city I’m dying to visit. You know this feeling of being in love with place you’ve […]