Paris je t’aime!

Do you remember that time when a friend made you realize how great one of your toys was while you had totally lost any interest for it over the years?! That’s exactly what happened to me watching Kristian Bazan’s Snapchat story yesterday when she was enjoying a simple walk in the streets of Paris. I […]

Last summer vibes

Can you already feel how summer gets closer to its end every day? Back from my trips I was surprised to see the first dead leaves in Paris streets and since I have been spending the last days at my parent’s home lost in the French countryside I could really feel in the atmosphere that […]

Closet Insider: Meryl Denis

I know you’ve been missing it and I’m really excited to come back today with Meryl‘s Closet Visit! It’s in the middle of the parisian heat wave that she invited me to her brand new appartment to take pictures and answer my questions over a more than needed refreshing drink:

Travel: Philippines

Still can’t realize that I’m back and don’t know where to start to tell you about my trip to the Philippines. When I booked my flight earlier this year I obviously hadn’t thought of how far this destination was, cause let’s be honnest: it’s on the other side of the world! I took off with […]

Filipino Morning

Hi there! I landed in Paris this morning and after a deserved nap to make up for my lack of sleep during the 24h flight I’m back with the outfit we shot in the Philippines. My friend Mira took those pictures on a sunny morning while we were in Laiya for a few days. I […]

Ibiza Style

The day we shot this outfit was certainly the one I was wearing the most fabric on my body (not kidding!). We took the pictures by the pool of our hotel and then to the adjoining beach with my sister Elodie while the girls were still sleeping. I know I’ve already been telling you hundreds of […]