Fashion Interview: Gina Guerra & Patricia Schettino – Gig Couture

laparvenue fashion blog paris raphaelle leboeuf gig couture interview

Remember the amazing Gig Couture dress I was wearing a few outfits ago? I had the tremendous chance to meet Gina Guerra, the designer, and Patricia Schettino, co-founder of the brand at IC Insight Communications showroom. It was the occasion for me to tell them how much I love what they do and to carry out an interview that I’m more than happy to share with you today :

What is your first fashion memory?
When I was about 10, I asked my father to buy me a few meters of fabric and started to design my own clothes. I even remember that my first attempts were fully inspired by Chanel since this brand was for me a reference.

How and why did you start designing you own brand?
When I discovered the creative richness of knit, I knew I had to launch my own brand. I’m a passionate woman and it seems like my life is dedicated to fashion. I went through all the production steps to perfectly understand the process and from the yarn choice to the final results, they are all precious moments.
I wanted this brand to be associated with exclusivity. A single dress can spend more than 5 hours in the machine before being ready, quality comes first, and that’s all that matters to me.

Knitting is definitely your landmark, why choosing this material?
Yes, Gig Couture is knitwear only and I think it’s due to my passion for how you chose the yarn and then make it whatever you want afterwards. Knitting is a new univers, very different from basically cutting shapes in an existing fabric; the result will depend on the technic, the yarn, the machine, there is a part of unexpected and I love it.

Your collections always feature strong prints and color associations, when designing is it the starting point or do you think of the shape first?
I think fashion is mainly about attitude, behavior and when designing I need to feel the moment. I think the starting point is always the print, we first create the knitted fabric and then the clothes inspiration comes naturally. It’s not always easy to explain people what you have in mind and I remember that one day the machine made a mistake and what came out was exactly the result I wanted!

What inspires you?
When I find a place, an artist or some architecture that catches my attention, I go deep on that and try to translate what I like in my creations. You know last year I experienced a fashion weariness period of time and I decided to travel to places devoid of any fashion information like Uzbekistan and Bora-Bora. I took this fashion detox as a fresh start and got inspired by the simple life of the people who lived there, surrounded by amazing architectures. I want my collections to have a meaning.

And do you have some creative limits? I mean things you know you’ll never do?
My goal is definitely not to create common pieces; I’m looking for something more complicated. That’s also why I have chosen knitwear, you have no limits. Deadlines are my pet peeve, I never stop creating and if I could I would add new pieces until the last minute before the show!

laparvenue fashion blog paris raphaelle leboeuf gig couture interview

I had the chance to wear some of your pieces and they made me feel like a woman, they are comfortable, not too warm, and are really flattering for the body, how do you do such a magic?
I heard the same observations from all my friends who got many compliments when they were wearing a Gig Couture dress. It’s a nice combination of style and femininity that reveals your inner beauty, sensitivity, a way to express yourself. I really give a part of me in each collection; it takes maybe 10 samples to get the result I wanted because I need to check every detail and I think the women who wear my clothes feel it in a way.

Tell me about the Gig Couture woman, who is she, what does she love, what does she believe in?
It’s not only one profile but she is always sophisticated, positive and more than anything she likes being different.

You are worldwide distributed and you provide work to many people thanks to you factory in Belo Horizonte, do you feel like in charge of some cultural responsibilities like an ambassador of Brazilian fashion in the world?
Of course, we work closely with a Brazilian textile association linked to the government to support employment: Tex Brazil. As a brand we have to represent Brazil abroad not only for fashion but also for its know-how.

What are your projects for the future and what can we wish you?
We want to preserve this precious commitment we have with our clients. Once more we don’t long for producing a huge amount of cloth, the concept and quality are Gig Couture’s center pieces. I want women to be able to wear my dresses in 10 years and still feel the same emotion!


This experience was one of the most enriching I lived thanks to my blog so far and I’m so glad I did! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you want to know more about Gig Couture’s great work I warmly invite you to check out their website and Instagram! Thank you very much Gina and Patricia for your time and kindness, it was a pleasure to meet you and I hope to see you again soon! Another big thank to the IC Insight Communications team for having made all of this possible. Bisous.



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