Interview : Caroline – Pardon My Obsession

Last Sunday I had the pleasure to meet Caroline over a (alcohol free) cocktail for a nice fashion talk. Her timeless parisian style is a real source of inspiration for me since I discovered her on instagram. A few weeks ago now, Caroline launched her own fashion blog where she shares daily outfits and thoughts. Here is her first fashion interview and a few pictures of her look, enjoy:

Laparvenue fashion blog ParisWhat do you do in life?

I am on dental studies, which has actually nothing to do with fashion but I think it creates a kind of balance in my life. I had always loved fashion and as this year I repeated a grade, I had more time for myself and decided to launch my blog.

What are your favorite brands and designers?

I know it’s not really groundbreaking but I adore Chanel! This brand is definitely the one that matches the best my personality and style. I also like Isabel Marant, ACNE, Alexander Wang, Balmain, Givenchy even though I can’t always afford them. For my basics I of course shop at COS, & Other Stories and Zara.

What are your favorite colors?

The colors I wear are different from those I like in general. I mean, I mainly wear neutral tones like black, grey, navy, white, nude and sometimes a touch of red but you’ll never see me in pink, purple or green.

How would you describe your style?

I’d say classic since I always go for simple and elegant lines. In winter I like adding an edgy touch to my outfits wearing leather and I choose more casual looks for summer.

Laparvenue fashion blog ParisWhat’s your best shopping capital?

Paris! I don’t know New-York enough and I really like London, where I regularly go, but Paris for me is THE hotspot when it comes to shopping as we have (almost) everything here. A small tip for you girls: sales in Milan are way more interesting than in Paris.

What are your closet essentials?

I wear many jackets, I love basic high heels (even if I don’t wear them as often as I’d like), jeans and I’m crazy about hats.

Are you a crush-buyer?

You know, my closet isn’t that full. I prefer buying few but well! It’s true I have a pleasant shopping budget but I think months in advance of the next piece I’ll buy. So I’d say I am not a crush-buyer but a weird thing about me is certainly my huge white t-shirt collection, I keep on buying tons and tons of them!

What’s for you the best trend of the season?

I don’t really follow trends but I like the Alexander Wang sport-chic last silhouettes, you know those girls who pair Stan Smiths with dresses, etc.

Laparvenue fashion blog Paris Laparvenue fashion blog ParisWhat’s gonna be your next purchase?

Maybe a pair of Isabel Marant leopard booties or the perfect coat for next winter if I find it!

A trend you’d like to put an end to?

Birkenstocks! Let’s be honest: It doesn’t suit anybody and make your calf look bigger. Come on girls, you can find thousands of lovely sandals so please go for it!

Are there nice shopping places you can share with us?

The selection at L’éclaireur and Montaigne Market are highly covetable and if you just want to relax, have a walk around Le Bon Marché corners. I also check everyday websites like Net à porter, My Theresa and Zara.

How do you stay slim and shape?

Please don’t take me as an example! I never go to the gym and often eat to the restaurant to be honest with you. But I mainly order salads, walk a lot instead of spending hours in transports and try to cut on eating bread (which is something hard when you are French, believe me!)

Where can we follow you?

On Instagram and now on my blog !Laparvenue fashion blog Paris Laparvenue fashion blog Paris Laparvenue fashion blog Paris

By the course of the discussion, Caroline and I discovered we had much in common. Pardon My Obsession is definitely the go-to blog for me now and her closet is a wonderful place i’ll take you to one day!  Thank you again Caroline and see you soon my dear! Bisous.



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