Interview : Caroline – Pardon My Obsession

Last Sunday I had the pleasure to meet Caroline over a (alcohol free) cocktail for a nice fashion talk. Her timeless parisian style is a real source of inspiration for me since I discovered her on instagram. A few weeks ago now, Caroline launched her own fashion blog where she shares daily outfits and thoughts. Here […]

Street Style : Jasmine & Jamilla

Last time I checked we were in the middle of july. But these days, the weather is quite unsteady and it’s hard to decide what to wear every morning. Jasmine and Jamilla, two sisters I met in the 3rd arrondissement, are wearing very appropriate outfits when it comes to  walking in parisian streets overshadowed by threatening clouds. […]

Romain Thévenin Paris 1st Fashion Show

Impressed. That’s how I felt quitting my seat after Romain Thévenin fashion show. This young designer, coming from the same France area as me, proved once more that success isn’t about where you are from but where you want to go. For his first fashion show, Romain featured stunning and innovative pieces in the clinical […]

Closet Insider: Sarah – La Mode Est Une Femme

If you follow parisian bloggers, chances are that you already know Sarah Loss from the blog “La mode est une femme“. This gorgeous blond woman caught my attention with her daring  looks and her amazing blue eyes. But don’t be fooled by appearances, far from being a Barbie, Sarah (almost) never wear pink, has a huge sneakers […]