Closet Insider: Julia – PariStyles

Let me introduce you Julia Cornière, one of the nicest people i’ve met this year. Drinking a glass of wine together a few weeks ago, we quickly realised that we had so much in common ! That’s why I am really happy to feature her closet visit today, with great pictures taken in the wonderful Versailles gardens, enjoy :closet visit laparvenue paris laparvenue closet visit

How did you start blogging ?

I study business at ESCE Paris, and one day our English teacher asked us to create a blog as a school task. So my friend Maxime and I created a blog which quickly turned into a fashion one since it’s something we are really interested in. Now it’s mostly me who holds it, writes articles, finds ideas, etc.

How would you describe your style ?

I’d say Parisienne but to be honest I enjoy mixing clothes of different styles according to my daily mood. I usually wear very feminine clothes and I love adding a masculine touch in my outfit like derbies paired with a plain white shirt or a hat. I’m not really into jewels, if I wear some, they must be very chunky and eye-catching.

Your wardrobe essentials ?

My black hat, blue and black jeans, a white shirt, my Zara embellished slippers and a little white dress (no, no, it’s not a mistake I really prefer white than black dresses on me!)parisian fashion blog julia closet visit coset visit laparvenue Capture fashion blog paris laparvenue

What are your shopping spots ?

I’m dreaming of buying Elie Saab pieces but obviously I can’t afford it! So I mainly buy at Zara, Sandro, Maje, & other stories, I like COS and Hollister for my basics or soft and comfy clothes. When it comes to shoes, you have to know that I’m part of those who think that “shoes are girl’s best friends” ! Surprisingly I advice you the Zara ones, seriously they are really value for money if you want to follow trends and forever21 is also good deal for summer sandals. In addition I love hanging around at Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, and on internet with Asos of course! As I said I’m not a huge fan of jewels but I highly recommend you a designer called Leticia Ponti. Another big part of my shopping is about beauty products, during sales I just spend all my wage at Sephora and Nocibé! I like a brand called Aesop, Viktor & Rolf perfumes, Dior products, Guerlain mascaras and OPI nail polishes.

The worst fashion don’t according to you ?

Wearing clothes that don’t fit your morphology, I mean if you are on overweight it’s not a problem but for god sake just don’t wear washed slim jeans!closet visit julia laparvenue paris fashion french fashion blog laparvenue paris closet visit fashion blog laparvenue paris

What’s on the top of your wish list ?

Chanel ballet flats, Céline sunglasses, New Look white heels and swimsuits.

Where can we follow you ?

On my blog, my Instagram and in real life drinking a glass of wine at Germain café or eating something at Schwartz food truck.laparvenue laparvenue parisan fashion blog fashion blog laparvenue laparvenue paris fashion blog

Thank you again for having me Julia and see you soon to talk about our “intern forever” life! Bisous.



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