Closet Insider: Mathilde – Cool Capsule

An adage says that “people who wear black clothes have a colorful life”, and I must admit that Mathilde matches perfectly with this quote. This parisian blogger, just back from Thailand, invited me in her closet with adorable shoes on the ground and original Tintin items on the walls, enjoy :Laparvenue Raphaëlle Leboeuf closet visit blog Paris Laparvenue Raphaëlle Leboeuf closet visit blog Paris

Vintage Ralph Lauren clutch

Vintage Ralph Lauren clutch

What can you tell me about you life ?

Sadly, my job has nothing to do with fashion at all. I am working as a business and financial consultant in Banks. As you can guess, my work environment is very formal so none of my coworkers have even a slight idea that I own a blog and that I am passionate about fashion (well maybe they have a little guess now because lately I tend to go a little crazy on Fridays, always mixing my formal work outfit with funny pieces like the leopard slip-on I wore yesterday at work).

How would you describe your style ?

Well it is always kind of hard to put someone’s style into words, especially because I think your personal style is always evolving with time… But if I had to sum up my personal style, the first word that would pop up into my head would definitely be BLACK. I really do love black…for everything: handbags, pants, tops, shoes etc…whenever I buy something if it exists in black I will always go for it. As far as I can remember (even since I was a little kid), I always loved black outfits, finding them so elegant and also very flattering for every body type. Whenever I go out I always wear a complete black outfit mostly consisting of black high heels, black shorts or skinny jeans and a beautiful top with an interesting fabric or cut. I always pair the outfit with a black clutch or handbag and silver jewels and details. I think silver works very well with black so all my jewelry and accessories are always in silver (or white gold for that matter). Makeup is also big part of my style… it actually took me a long time to “master” it properly, (I remember with horror my high school years with a wrong shade of foundation and many hideous eye shadows). Nowadays my makeup is always the same and is quite discrete. I am lucky to have a pretty good skin and skin tone so I don’t wear foundation, only a dash of terracotta powder. I then add mate eye shadow and black eyeliner. When I go out I don’t change a thing, I just add a bright mate lipstick (I have a huge collection of mate lipsticks, most of them in different shades of red) and it’ll do the trick just great!Laparvenue Raphaëlle Leboeuf closet visit blog Paris Laparvenue Raphaëlle Leboeuf closet visit blog Paris Laparvenue Raphaëlle Leboeuf closet visit blog Paris Laparvenue Raphaëlle Leboeuf closet visit blog Paris

What are your closet essentials ?

You can guess most of my answer based on the previous question I think… My wardrobe essentials consist of many black pieces (Ba&Sh black and  lace top which looks great both for a casual look or a fancy evening look / black knitted warm sweater for winter / black mini shorts / black skinny jeans…). I then love to mix them with some high end quality pieces and accessories like my favourite evening clutch (YSL Belle de Jour in black), Hermes Colier de Chien black and silver cuff, Fendi burgundy booties, Balenciaga city bag in Black and silver hardware, Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse flats… I also pay a lot of attention to the little details of my outfits, especially rings and wristband. I have a thing for very weird and huge silver rings and can wear over 5-6 at the same time. The prettiest I found where definitely in Morocco: if you know where to look, you can find an honest shop with genuine silver rings for a very good price.

Celebrities who inspire you ?

I find most of my inspiration walking on the streets on a daily basis. In Paris you can really stumble upon girls with a great sense of fashion pretty much everywhere (for example in the Metro on your way to work)…it gives me a good idea of cool things that I wanna try out next. Besides from street style inspiration, if I were to choose a style icon or a celebrity I like for here style, I would not lie and tell you Coco Chanel or say Audrey Hepburn are my inspirations…they are for sure gorgeous and inspiring fashion icons but definitely not my kind… I have a girl crush on Nicole Richie (since my teenage years), she has great fashion taste and I definitely see myself wearing everything she is sporting.  She is also the best example of a great style evolution, from “trampy” to “classy”.  And, let’s face it, do you know many girls that could pull out purple hair and still look classy and flawless? Well I don’t…Laparvenue Raphaëlle Leboeuf closet visit blog Paris quote Mathilde Cool Capsule Laparvenue Laparvenue Raphaëlle Leboeuf closet visit blog Paris

Steve Madden shoes

Steve Madden shoes

Laparvenue Raphaëlle Leboeuf closet visit blog Paris

Fendi booties

Fendi booties

What’s on the top of your whishlist ?

Wow, I don’t even know where to start…I have such a huge wish list! At the moment, on top of my wish list is a new everyday bag (for work or casual evenings): Trio by Céline (in black of course) and a new pair of evening heels, Valentino rockstuds in full black.

What are your shopping hotspots ?

As I find my inspiration everywhere, I can shop and find beautiful things pretty much everywhere. I am a firm believer that money has nothing to do with style and that you can find gorgeous outfits at a very reasonable price. My two everyday shops would be Zara (they follow most of the trends so you can really find everything you need) and Cos. Actually Cos is my favorite…their collections are perfect: dark colors (lots of black), classic items with a twist (a different fabric or cut) and low prices…plus the quality is very good, most of the items I have for years now are still like new. I also like designer brands as I love to mix high end pieces with casual clothes. My favorite high end brand is definitely Saint Laurent. This is the brand that matches my fashion style the most, and if I could afford it, I would buy their entire collection! One of my dreams : a photo-shoot in their women tuxedo…weirdly a tuxedo on a women is one of the most feminine and delicate thing I ever saw, and I am dreaming of owning one (I have my eyes on the Saint Laurent) for quite some time… maybe one day…

Marni by H&M top

Marni by H&M top

Laparvenue Raphaëlle Leboeuf closet visit blog Paris Laparvenue Raphaëlle Leboeuf closet visit blog Paris

3 things you can’t live without ?

First and without any hesitation: my iPhone. Always with me no matter where I go…most of my friends say that my phone is an extension of my hand. Lately I am spending countless hours on Instagram, I really love it! I also couldn’t live without Cocktails! Yes I LOVE cocktails (weird for a French girl but I hate wine, and also beer for that matter) and whenever I am out I will always go for a cocktail. When I welcome my friends at home I will always offer them a cocktail of my creation (I love to mix alcohols and bitters to come up with great new recipes) as you can see I have a huge bar with every alcohol you can think of. I think I was a cocktail bartender in another life. Last but not least, I could not live without my nail polishes. I have a huge collection of nail polishes with all the shades you can think of. I buy from 1 to 3 new every week so in the end I do have quite a lot. I think the last time I had my nails bare was 3 or 4 years ago. Yeah I know it is very bad for my nails but I can’t help it…going out without nail polish is like going out naked for me !

Where can we follow you ?

On my Blog, Facebook and my Instagram! And i f you are looking for me, try a cocktail bar in Paris and you will for sure stumble upon me (the Ballroom in Paris is my all-time favorite since the very first day they opened).Laparvenue Raphaëlle Leboeuf closet visit blog Paris Laparvenue Raphaëlle Leboeuf closet visit blog Paris

Thank you Mathilde for this pleasant moment, sorry for the mess in you appartment and see you soon for a cocktail ! Bisous.




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