Closet Insider: Mathilde – Froggista

Whistling birds, opening flowers and warmer days, May is certainly one of my favorite months in the year … And what a better way to start this month with a new closet visit?! I had the pleasure to meet Mathilde Laurelli, fashion journalist at l’Express Styles Web for 3 years now and who also holds Froggista, a very inspiring and refreshing fashion blog between Paris and London. This life lover let me in her lovely closet full of marvels accompanied by her leopard printed cat, enjoy :9 3 13

How would you describe your style?

What a difficult question! It’s always kind of cliché to put your style into boxes, but I remember that one day I’ve been told that I was “Bling-Chic”. It doesn’t seem very appealing at first but actually it’s quite right since I’ve got a tomboy side with my short hair, my shirts and my flat shoes (I grew up with my father so I think it comes from my childhood), and at the same time I remain very feminine and class. I love playing with this masculine-feminine style. I also really like wearing chunky chains and glitters details on simple clothes or adding retro dashes to my outfits with Peter Pan collars. I don’t wear lots of Jewellery, only minimalist and discreet golden pieces. Moving to beauty, I mainly use mascara and sometimes a nice red lipstick but my big obsession is about nail polishes! Thanks to my dear Colleague Elodie, who is in charge of the beauty editorial section, I can get new colors very often and for that I thank her so much!


Carven flats

citation 7

Who are you style icons?

I adore Audrey Hepburn; she is really representative of my personal style: a kind of funny baby doll who inspires me not only by her outfits but also by her personality and what she achieved in her life. Paradoxically, I’m also deeply inspired by Marilyn Monroe when it comes to make-up with her red lips and dark eyes. Among the living ones, my style icon definitely is Audrey Tautou with her Parisian attitude. And if I had to mention a blogger, I would say Make my Lemonade who lately cut her hair, welcome to the club!


Acne clutch


Top Shop dress

What are your favorite places to shop?

I am the kind of girl who loves buying many clothes, a mix between timeless basics and the last trendy pieces. So like every girl I shop at Zara for fast-fashion and I advice you the H&M conscious line. Thanks to my job I travel at least twice a year to London and always manage to find 2 hours to make a hold up at Top Shop. Most of my basics are coming from GAP and COS where you can find quality pieces featuring nice details. On internet I off course love Asos and Urban Outfitters. I love Marc Jacobs and Massimo Dutti for bags and Murat at st Germain for their jewels.  In addition, I advice you Le corner des créateurs for Jewellery, Tabio for funny socks, and the new Cheap Monday store which recently opened in Paris! (read her article here)16 montage 2

A fashion bargain?

Shop at  Monoprix! Yes, surprisingly they have great affordable pieces and often feature interesting co-brandings.

What are your closet essentials?

I have a huge collection of jeans and shirts. Lately I’ve been wearing my motor leather boots almost every single day and in winter I love having a high-end coat that I can wear several seasons.

What are according to you the worst fashion Don’ts?

Without any hesitation I’d say vulgarity! I mean you don’t need a deep cleavage, a padded bra or a mini-mini skirt to be feminine. In the same idea, if you don’t know how to walk with high heels, don’t put them on and profit from the sneakers current trend ;) I also want to say something about colorful leggings wore as if they were jeans, please girls make it stop! And to finish with, I just don’t see what’s the point about the “Normcore” trend, this kind of style retirement…

A little fashion scoop?

I lately went to the Etam preview of their next collection and for sure you’ll like it!17 5

Where can we follow you?

On my blog, Instagram (I’m totally addict), Twitter and Facebook. “In real life” chances are you can find me at la Fnac seeking for vinyls and at a restaurant called “Mamie Tevennec” where you can eat crepes bretonnes and Corsican butchery which are just out of this world!

3 things you can’t live without?

Coca Cola (I even used to drink it for breakfast), music and my Dior mascara.18

Thank you again Mathilde, bisous.



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