Winter neutrals

Long time no see right? It’s been barely a year since I last posted on my blog but it feels like a decade to be honest. The reasons why I went MIA are various but mostly gravitate towards a lack of time and interest for writing since I’ve been through a lot emotionally and professionally in 2018. If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I completely change my career path switching from the dull fashion industry to my great florist job. I took intensive classes during the summer and got hired in a flower shop in September. It’s a physically tough job but I’m glad I finally get to do something I like and makes me happy to wake up in the morning.
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Smell the flowers

laparvenue - Raphaelle Leboeuf pretty little thing summer wrap top parisian blogger florist5
Hello there! Hope you didn’t miss me so much but if you’re following me on Instagram you may know that I’m taking a new career path which is a major change and requires my full attention.
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2 summer styles with Pretty Little Thing

laparvenue - Raphaelle Leboeuf pretty little thing summer dresses parisian bloggerfdsf - copie
Hi there! I’ve been thinking about posting a different type of articles on the blog from now on when it comes to outfits, something less formal and more playful. I’ve been working on this cute layout to feature my current favorite dresses from Pretty Little Thing.
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Skincare Routine

Hi there! You’ve been waiting for it and here it is: my skincare routine!
I never thought I’d be posting such an article given I’m definitely not a beauty blogger. It’s only recently that I started to get interested in beauty products and skincare. I think growing up (not to say aging) makes you aware of what’s under the surface (understand makeup) and willing to do things right in order to preserve your skin from time and life damages. I won’t  pretend to give precious advice that are gonna change your life but I’m only sharing the products I daily use and that work for my skin, I’m not adventurous when it comes to beauty so when I find a product I like I generally stick to it for a very long time!
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laparvenue - Raphaelle Leboeuf the kooples emrata black bag the cords corduroy beige trousers paris fashion bloggerIMG_9866
Long time no see right ? I really wish I had more time for my blog but when did life get so crazy?! So much has changed in my life since I last posted. Long story short: I’m single, subscribing back to my dancing classes, turned 24, moved to a new apartment and am currently in the train on my way to my parent’s home for the weekend.
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The lady on the bridge

laparvenue fashion blog paris raphaelle leboeuf christian louboutin shoes IMG_2072
I can’t believe how he days go by so fast and how little time I have for the blog since I started working full time. To give you quick updates I have been working for over a month now and I still have to pinch myself sometimes to realize I am not an intern anymore but an actual employee in the company I’ve been dreaming of *pinching myself at the moment*. Living my life at this new pace is thrilling but also very tiring but I’m digging it!
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