Fall got me like

I always say that I love every season at the time it comes but this year I’m really excited about fall for a reason I haven’t figured out yet. Maybe is it because for the first time I’ll have my boyfriend’s warm arms to welcome me home or maybe is it because of how that season shakes up the fashion sphere and pave the way for new beginnings.
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laparvenue fashion blog paris raphaelle leboeuf outfit christian louboutin paloma patch camel gilet white jeans4
The patch trend is raging everywhere and I think it’s time I had my take on it! At first I was not a big fan of those little drawings on teenagers’ pieces (no offense I just bought a denim jacket covered with patches) but after all I think it can suit also to a more adult type of outfit if it adds a little structure and anecdotic fun.
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Red Lines

laparvenue fashion blog paris raphaelle leboeuf outfit subdued mom jeans christian louboutin red4
Yes, I know, Staples again, let’s say that jeans + t-shirt is my religion, I could basically wear that combination everyday by changing only the cut, color and accessories I team with.
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Silk Choker

You cannot have missed the choker trend raging everywhere lately. That necklace came back straight from the 90’s reminds me a lot of my childhood and allows me (for once) to say “Ho my god, people are wearing this again?” with that superior look saying you’ve lived long enough to witness a fashion cycle.
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Autumn Shorts

Don’t tell me you thought that because of the end of Summer I would stop wearing denim shorts? Cause I don’t know any time better than Indian Summer to style that staple. Indeed, since you have to cover your skin a bit more you can put together dramatic and flowy pieces with a bit more of structure which make you look surprisingly sophisticated.
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Paris Couple

Yes, we did it, after all the pictures we’ve been posting on social media, the couple shooting is finally online! At this occasion I wanted to thank you all for the sweet and supportive messages you always write about us when I post a picture on Instagram, it means the world to us!
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