Funky Squirrel

No, my coat is of course not made out of squirrels! I prefer saying this before any anti-fur activist starts to blow up saying I’m the worst person in the world. I do wear fur and I won’t lie about that since being honest with you is in my top 5 priorities regarding my blogging activity.
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Jump in 2017

Let’s start this new year together Babes, and what a year ahead of us! Major challenges, new countries and  complete changes are on the menue.
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BIG UP TO 2016

Hey Babes, I hope you’re doing well (why do I start my post with a Youtuber intro?..) anyway, it’s finally that time of the year when you take a look back at another 365 days. This year was intense and full of changes on both personal and professional sides: First, right after I moved in with my sister Elodie in January, Eliott and I got together as a couple which was not the easiest thing to handle when you promised your little sister you’d live as two single gals in Paris, but life is unpredictable and proved once more that you can never control everything, only adapt to anything.
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How insane is this shooting location?! I’ve been living in Paris for 5 years now but had never came there (actually you’d be surprised by the number of places I’ve never been to in Paris, including the Eiffel Tower!).  This outstanding building is the Philharmonie de Paris where you can attend mostly classic music concerts, and its architecture is one of the most impressive I’ve ever seen thanks to its mirrored areas and birds design.
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Winter issue

It’s that time of the year again. I wake up in the morning and stare at my closet for what seems to be a decade wondering how I’m gonna dress for the day. A quick check on the Iphone’s weather app: temperatures won’t go upper than 7 degrees in the afternoon. At that moment my hope for a nice dress fades away as for sleeveless jackets and tops. I then try to picture possible layering combinations but quickly give up on this idea owing to my lack of skills on that field. It starts to be late and I haven’t showered yet, I grab the first black cardigan/jumper and a pair of jeans which I hope will give me an effortless Parisian style, trust me it never does.
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Back to coats

I can’t believe December is right around the corner with everything that comes with, meaning Christmas, (too much) food, euphoria, warm clothes and all that jazz. I talk about warm clothes since as you may know I’m kind of never cold and put on the same amount of clothes all year long. But it does happen to me to wear coats (that I take off and hold in my hand most of the time) but the thing is that I usually only wear a tank top or t-shirt under it! For that reason I don’t own so many jumpers, mines are more like long sleeves tops, my actual wool/cashmere ones are currently collecting dust in the back of my closet.
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