Home Sweet Home

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How good it feels to be home! For the longest time I’ve been picturing in my mind what my apartment would look like once I’m living my own life as a grown up and working woman. Recent events had me move to a new home which I can decorate according to my only tastes and desires and I found so much contentment doing so. I actually have a power-point wishlist (no judgment please lol) in which I put pictures of the things I plan to buy and it turns out it has been all about coffee tables, lamps, frames and tea cups lately rather than the usual shoes, bags and gold earrings of any kind!
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laparvenue - Raphaelle Leboeuf the kooples emrata black bag the cords corduroy beige trousers paris fashion bloggerIMG_9866
Long time no see right ? I really wish I had more time for my blog but when did life get so crazy?! So much has changed in my life since I last posted. Long story short: I’m single, subscribing back to my dancing classes, turned 24, moved to a new apartment and am currently in the train on my way to my parent’s home for the weekend.
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The lady on the bridge

laparvenue fashion blog paris raphaelle leboeuf christian louboutin shoes IMG_2072
I can’t believe how he days go by so fast and how little time I have for the blog since I started working full time. To give you quick updates I have been working for over a month now and I still have to pinch myself sometimes to realize I am not an intern anymore but an actual employee in the company I’ve been dreaming of *pinching myself at the moment*. Living my life at this new pace is thrilling but also very tiring but I’m digging it!
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laparvenue fashion blog paris raphaelle leboeuf tweed set the kooples etro black boots christian louboutin black bagDSC02613 copie
Bonjour! I know it’s been quite a long time since I last posted on the blog but as you can guess I had ton loads of things to do as I flew back from New York. I feel so good now that I’m in France surrounded by the people I love and finally able to get my life back on track.
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Silk kimono in Soho

laparvenue fashion blog paris new york raphaelle leboeuf soho silk gold kimono cqptqin hatDSC06242

Hello Babes! Here is gonna be my last New Yorker outfit (for this time) since it’s finally almost time for me to fly back home in France. And what a better place than Soho to shoot in? If you have never been to New York this is basically the equivalent of Le Marais in Paris, in other words a hype area with art galleries and stylish people who eat kale salad and drink Matcha latte!
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Beloved wrap dress

laparvenue fashion blog paris new york raphaelle leboeuf soho zaful wrap dress christian louboutin black bag outfitDHL08497
Hello September! The end of summer may sound dull to most of you guys but that’s actually my favorite time of the year. I’m not even a big fan of summer since I’ve been doing internships all summer for the past 5 years and basically couldn’t post any tanned-bikinis-swann-floater-beach picture. I also despise the fact that everything stops during that period, I think I just love working and seing that things move on and evolve.
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