Winter issue

It’s that time of the year again. I wake up in the morning and stare at my closet for what seems to be a decade wondering how I’m gonna dress for the day. A quick check on the Iphone’s weather app: temperatures won’t go upper than 7 degrees in the afternoon. At that moment my hope for a nice dress fades away as for sleeveless jackets and tops. I then try to picture possible layering combinations but quickly give up on this idea owing to my lack of skills on that field. It starts to be late and I haven’t showered yet, I grab the first black cardigan/jumper and a pair of jeans which I hope will give me an effortless Parisian style, trust me it never does.
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Back to coats

I can’t believe December is right around the corner with everything that comes with, meaning Christmas, (too much) food, euphoria, warm clothes and all that jazz. I talk about warm clothes since as you may know I’m kind of never cold and put on the same amount of clothes all year long. But it does happen to me to wear coats (that I take off and hold in my hand most of the time) but the thing is that I usually only wear a tank top or t-shirt under it! For that reason I don’t own so many jumpers, mines are more like long sleeves tops, my actual wool/cashmere ones are currently collecting dust in the back of my closet.
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White jeans in the fall

No matter what the season is, white jeans have always been a tricky point in my mind. Indeed, I’m quite slender yet I am only 1,63m and white jeans can quickly make my legs look like two bolsters. And that’s actually the first thing I thought when I looked at the pictures after the shoot, but the truth is that white enhances volumes and catches the light so of course my legs didn’t look like usual. This immediate negative reaction I had towards my self-image reminded me of how ruthless we are with ourselves. I can’t deny, I’m careful regarding what I eat, workout every day and spend hours on Pinterest but I also think that we should be more lenient and forgiving  with ourselves and prevent comparing how we look with women whose job is to be beautiful. So I had a second more compassionate look on the pictures and said to myself « well, that’s not so bad and I’m ok with what I see».
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You may have noticed that my posting pace was kind of messy lately, for the only reason that I shot many looks on a week of September and then realized that I had so many I couldn’t stick to my once a week posting policy otherwise you’d see light jackets and skirts in the middle of December. Now that I regulated my looks stock I think I’ll be posting an outfit every Sunday on my blog so you know exactly when to stop by :) 
In addition I’ll be much more active on Instagram now since I’ve got to adapt to our world’s changes. Indeed, social media are gaining more and more strength to the detriment of blog platforms. It doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop my blog anytime soon but I’ll dedicate more of my time and personal investment to Instagram. This social network matches my conception of what an influencer is since I can share unique content everyday in a more spontaneous way than I can do on my blog and I love interacting with you guys!
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Rollneck season is back and I welcome it with pleasure! There is something downright elegant and clean about that piece which compliments cute shoulders/arms and drives full light to your face. Rollneck tops had merely dipped a toe into the water last year but is now ready to dive into the fashion pool so be prepared to see them everywhere (which is not a bad thing on a medical side either!).
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Bowie is not dead

When it’s grey outside put on rainbow boots, life is as simple as that! I basically love everything about those shoes from design, to colors and also the fact that they’re truly easy to walk in, not kidding. When I went back home with those the first time I tried to compose outfits in my closet but I couldn’t find anything that would compliment their craziness, until I dare to pair it with another misfit of my wardrobe: a gold lurex shirt! For once, no one will say that I’m always wearing staples wallowed in my comfort zone!
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