Autumn Shorts

Don’t tell me you thought that because of the end of Summer I would stop wearing denim shorts? Cause I don’t know any time better than Indian Summer to style that staple. Indeed, since you have to cover your skin a bit more you can put together dramatic and flowy pieces with a bit more of structure which make you look surprisingly sophisticated.
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Paris Couple

Yes, we did it, after all the pictures we’ve been posting on social media, the couple shooting is finally online! At this occasion I wanted to thank you all for the sweet and supportive messages you always write about us when I post a picture on Instagram, it means the world to us!
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laparvenue fashion blog paris raphaelle leboeuf outfit black dress jennyfer christian louboutin heels malachite7
The first leaves are starting to fall in Paris and autumn is slowly taking over summer. I won’t complain about that cause I love every season at the time it comes and we’re enjoying a pleasant Indian summer in Paris that allows us to wear light dresses and sandals.
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laparvenue fashion blog paris raphaelle leboeuf vent couvert camel suede culotte trousers11
At start, when the culotte trousers trend started to invade social media I must admit I wasn’t part of the early adopters and long thought it was a granny and far from feminine thing. But you know that process when by seeing relentlessly a trend everywhere your end up getting used to it until you realize you actually like it.
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Polette showroom in Amsterdam

I recently went to Amsterdam with my sister Elodie and took advantage of that trip to stop by Polette showroom and meet the team for the first time « in real life ».
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Gypsy back to school

laparvenue fashion blog paris raphaelle leboeuf jennyfer black maxi dress boho13
Summer vacation has been shorter than usual this year for me cause I’m already back to school. I’ve had really good time with my friends, family, boyfriend and liked every place we’ve been to, now let’s get back to work. I’m now attending my second year of Master meaning it’s my last back to school ever and I must admit it gets me a bit nostalgic (just a bit).
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